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Rahjta Ren



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Saint Paul







Rahjta Ren is an eclectic world class musician constantly seeking expansive directions for his musical expression. Some of Rahjta’s music industry achievements include being awarded a gold record as keyboardist, composer, co-producer and arranger in the contemporary jazz genre. He is a former recording artist for RCA/Novus Records. Rahjta has provided music as underscores, soundscapes and various sound-designs for inspired projects within consciousness raising and mechanisms for experiencing great health and happiness. He is thoroughly versed in the most state-of-the-art software implemented for his musical compositions, arrangements, performances and production. Integrated into and beyond Rahjta’s work as a music professional, is a depth of field within his own personal exploration, study and practice of expansive holistic approaches to living. This has all been enabled and enhanced by his dedication and adherence to nearly thirty years of meditation practice. Rahjta devotes and dedicates his work to practicing and inspiring what he refers to as, “Nurturing and Growing the Expanse of Introspection – A Forgotten Art?  – A Sacredness Of Introspection –

For decades, Rahjta’s journey has been a vast accumulation delving into various forms of the nature of awakening the subtle-form energy of one’s heart. This inevitably leads to depths of understanding the nature of non separation as interdependence of all that exists, no matter where and how one directs one’s mind. As we become acquainted with the resonant field of our subtle heart energy, an awareness grows acting as a catalyst for the cultivation of compassion and how this relates to unity as non separation. Rahjta suggests that opening to these perceptions has an inherent affect of returning to an awareness of pure consciousness – our state of mind existing as stillness prior to any thoughts, emotions and tactile and all sensory experiences.   

Going deeper into his explorations of observational awareness, mind and consciousness, Rahjta’s passions and interests have unfolded a journey of seeing interconnectedness of all that exists. He practices  and expounds on this as a fundamental essence of enabling human collective consciousness to advance into its next emergent stage of evolution. This being a collective intelligence that sees itself reflectively in, of and as unbound, undivided wholeness. This awareness emanating from the subtle energy field of the heart inherently spawns gifts as propensity of insight, inspired thought, overall creativity, emotional intelligence and hence healthy emotions creating a synergy that is an inseparable holistic reflection of our physical body. Resting as a practice within and as this field of intelligence brings us into knowing the nature of larger interdependence and function of the now measured and increasingly understood interaction between the resonant field of the human heart and the energetic energy field of our home planet Earth/Gaia – and beyond.   

Other dedicated life interests are the preparation of holistic foods and being an active advocate of superfoods for optimal emotional, psychological, cognitive and physical health. As a visionary and philosopher, Rahjta maintains an active study following those of the most forward-thinking work within unfolding humanity into a paradigm beyond conventional energy sources.