The Temple Of Sacred Sound


The Temple of Sacred Sound is the world’s first interactive sacred sound temple in cyberspace where people throughout the world can gather and tone for Global Harmonization—the act of creating peace and balance on this planet through intentionalized sound. 

There are currently 3 separate Toning Chambers where different seed sounds (“Om”, “Ah” and “Hu”) are sounded 24/7. Temple of Sacred Sound requires no admission—not even your email address! Just go there and create intentionalized sound. It is simply designed to assist raising the vibratory level of all beings on this planet in order to enable a quantum leap in our evolution.

You can go into any one of these chambers and project intentionalized sound for planetary peace while being able to hear yourself and others throughout the world. Through the magic of the Internet, we are be able to resonate together in a manner unlike any other that’s ever before been available. In addition, each Toning Chamber is accompanied with extraordinary geometric visuals designed to enhance the sonic experience of projecting sacred sound on a global level 
There are physical plane temples of this planet, where certain chants have continued uninterrupted for millennia. Such is the case, for example, with some Tibetan temples where the same chant for the compassionate enlightenment of all sentient beings has been continued without interruption for many hundreds of years. Now, those of us with computers and access to cyberspace have a similar capability to use sound as a coherent waveform to enhance consciousness via the Temple of Sacred Sound.

To visit the Temple of Sacred Sound, please go to this link: and have the amazing experience of sounding with others throughout the planet for Global Harmonization.

Established several years ago, Temple of Sacred Sound has been utilized for many different planetary healings, including World Sound Healing Day. Please feel free to utilize it whenever it feels appropriate, including organizing your own events to assist creating balance, harmony and healing on the Earth. 
 For additional information on Temple of Sacred Sound, as well as information on using planetary healing sounds and the results of past World Sound Healing Day events from the Global Consciousness Project, we invite you to visit:

And once again, please remember to return to the Sound Healers Association website when you are complete.