Many of you who have read my books and other writings, or found yourself listening to or reading an interview with me know that I believe “Intent” is a truly important aspect with regard to the power of sound. You may know that over 20 years ago, I created a formula in my first book HEALING SOUNDS : “Frequency + Intent = Healing”. By this I mean that the actual sound that manifests coupled with the consciousness that is encoded upon the sound creates the ultimate effect of the sound. I also included another formula in the book: “Vocalization + Visualization = Manifestation” which pretty much echoed this same concept in a slightly different way. In my latest book THE 7 SECRETS OF SOUND HEALING , I have created yet another formula—one which again is very similar to the other two and seems to encompass even more. It is this: “Sound + Belief = Outcome”.

As those familiar with my work know, the original “Frequency + Intent = Healing” formula came to me while trying to deal with a collection of papers that stacked a foot high. These papers were different systems I’d been collecting for several years from scientists, spiritual teachers, musicians, sound therapists and just about anyone else imaginable who had been working with using frequencies for healing. I had hundreds of different systems for the organs, for the chakras, for just about anything you can conceive. It was all quite wondrous, except for the fact that a majority of the systems didn’t agree with each other—to put it musically, they were not harmonious. Scientist X would be using one frequency for a condition. Scientist Y would be using a totally unrelated frequency for the same condition. Both claiming success. Spiritual Master A would use one mantra for a chakra. Spiritual Master B would use a different mantra for the same chakra or even more confusing, the same mantra for a different chakra. I remember being in a state of great intellectual angst and confusion. I asked : How could this be?:

I remember sitting in front of my computer with my head in my heads trying to figure out some sort clarity, when I distinctly heard a voice which said: “It is not only the frequency of the sound which creates the effect, it is also the intention of the person projecting and receiving the sound.” I wrote down the formula: “Frequency + Intent = Healing”. To this day, I am a firm believer in the validity of this and all the other formulas that have manifested.

This is not to say that I am not a seeker of knowledge with regard to the physiological effects of sound, whether it’s the binaural beat frequency phenomenon or anything else that might manifest. Certainly there is validity in this. And it is something that any student of sound healing needs to be aware of. Do you understand how sound effects of nervous systems? Do you understand the different chemicals that are released in the extraordinary pharmacy that is our body due to the effects of different sounds?

There’s a reason that sound is so powerful and some of it is due to its frequency (which is truly a metaphor for the physical counterpart of sound—we could be talking about vocal tones or harmonics or mantras or anything that creates a resonance). But from my knowledge and experience, something else is also occurring with regard to sound.

Call it “intent”, or “visualization” or “feeling” or “belief”—there is another component to sound that is also responsible for its effect. I’ve written extensively on this subject and would ask those interested to check out my various writings. From my understanding when dealing with life on the Earth plane, it is the combination of both the “Frequency” + the “Intent” that creates the “Healing” (or whatever outcome you desire for the sound). I think it’s a 50/50% equation here for most of us.

But I also perceive that for some highly advanced individuals, the frequency—the actual sound—may be less important than the consciousness they project into the sound. As an example, there may be saints in various places throughout the world who can make a tone in a less that mellifluous voice and achieve all sorts of miracles. But I think these may be highly evolved individuals. Unless you can walk thought walls, levitate and do all sorts of other “siddhis”, it probably is best to utilize the 50/50% equation of the formula using equally both “frequency + intent”.

I would very much like to engage you in a discussion—with you sharing your experiences and stories with regard to the importance of intent—visualization, belief, feeling—whatever you want to call that special energy that is encoded upon the sounds we make and the sounds we receive.

I could share pages of stories with you, but this is not my purpose. It is simply to open up this blog to comments on “The Power of Intent”. Please share you stories with us—whether they affirm the validity of intent or not. I believe it’s important.

With regard to your stories I ask that for those who have encountered the miraculous (and no doubt many have—that seems to be the nature of sound and why we are so drawn to working with it), I’d love to hear your experiences about this. But I’m hopeful we can disassociate ourselves from whatever experiences we may have had, realizing that being part of the experience does not make us the creator of the experience. Remember, the Prayer of St. Francis that asks: “Lord, make me an instrument….”. Being a conduit for the divine is not the same as being the Divine. It’s important that we honor this so that we can truly honor the power of sound and “The Power of Intent”.

In conclusion, I’d like to quote my dear friend Sarah “Saruah” Benson, who many years ago when we were looking for a logo for the Sound Healers Associations, told me: “The true sound of healing is Love”. I couldn’t agree more.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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