From the forthcoming book: Sound Healing and Values Visualization:  Living A Life Of Value  (to be released Nov. 2017)


“and the beat goes on”

                        Sonny and Cher

Underlying the field of changing life behaviors there exists a unified and consistent life beat. Beats are invisible and yet without them we could not live. A heart beat may range from slow to fast but in order to live it must be a steady beat. When a heart does not have a steady beat it is called arrhythmia, a condition which may be life threatening. In other words we can not fully live unless we are “on beat”.



In this diagram beat is represented by the black dots and changing life behaviors are represented by the dashes and slashes.  Life behaviors change while the beat remains constant.

-- /        --- / __  ---///__       -   -- / __ -      __ ----//__     -  /-

  • • •                  •                  •                  •                                    

Even if the beat speeds up it is still constant

-- /        --- / __  ---///__       -   -- / __ -      __ ----//__     -  /-

  • • •        •        •        •        •        •        •        •        •        •       

The events in our life and different movements of our body are the dashes and slashes. Even when the our body movements and events in our life appear to be random, they are unified by an underlying beat. When we successfully meet the mental, emotional, and physical challenges of life events we we feel or sense the invisible beat that has been there all along. The rhythms in our life will always vary however the beat will always be consistent and unified.,

Beat is how musicians, dancers, and athletes perform complex feats and make them look easy. When we try to imitate their moves it is awkward because we are coming from the outside in. When we finally get it,  we often say, “it was effortless”, “it just happened”, or “it feels like I didn’t do anything”. An accomplished musician will miss a note and never loose the beat. The innovative piano master Abby Whiteside used the term emotional rhythm to describe the ability to keep the underlying beat of music continually moving forward. She invented a number of creative exercises to tune musicians into the feeling of emotional rhythm. For example she believed the eyes were externally focused and could easily disassociate us from the inner beat of the music. To remedy this she would instruct pianists to play blindfolded in order to help them feel the continuous inner beat that transcended the rhythm of a composition.

When an accomplished athlete misses a beat they say that they lost their timing. They know how to relax and tune back into beat in order to rediscover their timing. In golf for example, a beginning player will hit an errant shot and loose their timing. Insteand of relaxing in order to find their inner beat they will get tighter, and continue to hit errant shots all day. In life when we lose awareness of our inner beat and try to get it back rather then learn how to relax to rediscover it we use emotional words and phrases to describe our or experience of being off beat.

I feel scattered today

What a crazy day

I am just out not with it today

What a messed up day

Everything is just out of sync

Today is confusing

Pure chaos

Like an athlete or musician we naturally seek to get back on beat. When we are on beat we have more energy and a greater ability to adapt. There is a law in systems theory which states the following:  the least amount of diversity a system has the more energy it conducts. Think about this in terms of rhythm and beat. Rhythm can have a large amount diversity compared to beat. When we get lost in diversity, we lose our sense of beat resulting in a dissipation of energy. When we are on beat we experience the whole, we live Unity In Diversity.

The concept of returning to beat is the basis of many approaches to natural healing and spiritual renewal. When we are lost in the multitude of life rhythms we naturally want to return to a simpler life and/or go back to nature. One way of doing this is to eliminate complex life rhythms making our inner beat easier to rediscover. For this reason nature cure clinics are located in the country side and eliminate complex life rhythms by implementing a simple and consistent schedule. People arrive scattered and out of sync and willingly participate in a protocol of prescribed activities. Following these activities is simple and “mindless” allowing the participant to relax and entrain to a consistent beat.

In a similar way religions use ritual to bring people into a unified beat to renew spirit. Rituals simplify and/or eliminate rhythm in order to emphasize beat. From a vibration perspective a ritual is a set of behaviors performed in a cyclic manner which accentuate precise beat. The activities within the ritual are kept simple and always happen on beat. Whether the ritual ceremonies are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, or Muslim, they all have in common the establishment of a consistent and unifying beat.