My Experience With Sacred Sound

By Vernice McTigue


“One morning in the middle of last year I woke at 4am with the words and music of part of an amazing song running through my mind. I was compelled to get out of bed and somehow document the words and the music. I was given the name of the song “I Am The Universal Heart”.


I’m able to read music while singing, but have never learned to write music. I was given the words and music to the first part of the song, which is the chorus. I recorded it into my phone and wrote down the words. Over a period of the next two weeks, I was given the remainder of the song. Whenever I sat and opened the channel; it came into my consciousness. I was told this song has a purpose and would be heard all over the world. Its purpose is to open the heart and to raise the vibration of Humanity.



At first, I sang this song to my clients during sound therapy sessions. The effects were amazing. Each client seemed to require the song to be sung in a different register, some high pitch, some low. At the time, I had no difficulty adjusting the pitch. Each client reported a definite shift in their energy.


I’d taken a few months off from running our Toning Group and from practising sound therapy. I was guided to find the right person to chart and do the arrangements for the song. I’m very grateful I was guided to someone who not only wrote the arrangement, but organized a recording session and small orchestra to accompany me. I was told the vibration of my voice is a crucial part of initially presenting the song.


We recorded the song with piano, cello, violin, clarinet and flute. I sang the lyrics. The recording was done in an old church and the acoustics were amazing.  This song certainly has an energy of its own and everything has happened in Divine timing. It was launched in January.  You can find the song, I Am The Universal Heart at:

There’s an orchestral and a choral arrangement being written for the song presently to take it to the next level.


There’s a lot more leading up to this story. My calling to go to Mount Shasta, my experience toning on the mountain and the gift I was given. I also know the calling I had to go to The Healing Sounds Intensive in 2013 was a catalyst for this part of my journey. I will always be grateful to Jonathan Goldman and all the other wonderful teachers and participants who helped further develop my skills and understanding of Sacred Sound.”



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Vernice with Singing Bowls
  Vernice with Singing Bowls


 Vernice McTigue is a qualified Vibrational Medicine Therapist. Over the past 20 years, she has developed a unique Sound   Therapy. She combines the vocal
 technique of singing tones and Crystal Singing Bowls in order to work with a holistic approach to healing. Her classical         voice training and teaching experience have been an integral part of her journey with Sound and the joy of sharing her   knowledge with people of all ages. She is especially interested in the positive effect that Sound Therapy can have on our     environment.

 Vernice is also an intuitive writer and has composed the lyrics and music to a very special song “I Am The Universal Heart”   Its purpose is to open the hearts of all who listen.




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