HARMONIES OF LIGHT by JIM OLIVER                                  

Everyone brings their own unique gifts to the field of sound healing. We offer the environment for healing (to make whole) to occur.

My formal music study began with piano lessons at age 5, then popular organ study at the Hartford Conservatory of Music at 14. Next was music theory, classical organ and piano lessons at Julius Hartt School of Music when I was 17 which was in preparation to be a classical organ major at Hartt College of Music in 1971. Lots and lots of Bach. I also conducted and played with a guitar based folk mass group with 40+ teenagers. Tens of thousands of hours of practice and performance playing in many different venues including churches, night clubs and show rooms. The remainder of the 70s found me on the road with a variety of bands including about 3 years with a Vegas-show road band. A total of 7+ years living in hotels throughout the US and Canada - 52 weeks a year, playing 6 nights a week and travelling on most “days off”.  Through it all, I observed the profound response people have with music of varying types and wanted to offer music that was the “main event” rather than background or accompaniment. In the late 1970s that began to take form.

In 1982 in the course of my explorations into the field of sound, music and wellness, I heard of two ladies that were using water filled balloons placed on specific parts of their client’s body and they hummed into the water balloons. The water provided a more direct connection with the body. Brilliant!

I soon began working with a Kineseologist, Oriental Medical Doctor, Naturopath and Acupuncturist. We explored using specific frequencies and waveforms for specific ailments. We sought to find ways to present the sound in the most effective manner. If we were playing a sound for the lungs or liver or an acupuncture meridian, I would place the headphones on the client’s ankles with an extremely low volume level so they could not hear the sound with their ears. The muscle testing showed the benefit whether they could hear the sound with their ears or have the correct sound connected to their body/being by headphones. We also infused a quartz crystal with the sound and it also tested strong when the appropriate frequency and waveform was implemented.

Being a keyboardist and having access to analog synthesizers was a great plus. I could specify frequencies and waveforms to observe what had a more beneficial effect. In my observation, the waveform has as much to do with the response as the frequency. Based on orchestral instruments, sine waves are more flute instrument sounding. Square waves are more woodwind instrument sounding such as clarinet and oboe. Sawtooth waves are more brass instrument sounding such as trumpet, trombone, sousaphone and tuba. Sawtooth and square composite waveforms are more like strings such as violins, cellos and bass. Each waveform or combination of waveforms resonates with the body, mind, spirit and emotional bodies differently as well as chakras and etheric energy fields. Different waveforms have different harmonic overtones which contribute to the receptivity and resonance of the tones and music. I mention emotions because I feel that emotions are what are “in the driver’s seat”. Tones resonate with certain aspects of the physical being and emotions engage what is affecting people’s moods which then relate to physical manifestation of health and perceived well-being. It is a complete, cohesive experience rather than a conglomeration of isolated elements.



I developed a process that evolved from utilizing specific frequencies and waveforms and custom created a 45-minute long piece of music based on that information. Frequencies guide the key – major or minor, waveforms guide the orchestrations. Other elements guide tempo, rhythm, modulation and the intricacies of music making. Emotions are the heart and soul of music. The healing is in the feeling.

Whether you sing, hum, play an instrument or multiple instruments, we each have the capacity to offer nurturing and benefit through the sounds we present. Vocalists can change the shape of their mouth and place the sound in different areas of the hard and soft pallet to change the waveform. Changing vowels and consonants replicate waveforms too. Ooh, ahh, ouu, eee, iii, sss, rrrr, zzzz, mmmm and so on.

Strings, percussion and breath instruments can be articulated to change the contour of the timbre of the sound. Experimentation is how you will refine what is most accessible for you and beneficial for your clients. There is no one better way than another…only different ways.  Share your talents and gifts with an open mind and an open heart.

A technique in classical organ called “pedal tone” has served me well. You play a low bass note on the pedals and then embellish with your hands on the manuals (keyboards). With the use of an oscilloscope I observed that low bass notes are carrier waves for the higher frequencies. I use plenty of bass in the music. It provides grounding and deep resonance and welcomes engagement. For me, a sound healing session offers a complete evolution consisting of a beginning, exploration and development and completion including suspension, resolution, inquiry, stillness coherence and integration.

Cymatics visually shows us how sound can re-organize matter into coherent patterns. My musical goal is to incorporate that potential and possibility into the music I offer. Specific frequencies such as Rife and solfeggio can be implemented as well. It all depends on your understanding and implementation of what you are presenting and the needs and receptivity of the person and being you are working with. There are a wide variety of modalities and approaches to sound healing and each offers a unique contribution to wellness. The most important aspect I feel is honesty and truth in what is being offered. The clearer you are with yourself, the clearer your offerings are to your clients.

There are ways to correlate sound and color and planetary movement (The Music of the Spheres). You can study the ancient arts of science and math, read about Pythagoras and discover where your interest and aptitude resides. Experiment and experience. The opportunities are vast and the benefits to humanity are equally vast.

In recent years my passion for music and correlation with color frequencies has developed into what we call Harmonies of Light. I created a lighting system that shines the mathematically/harmonically related colors of the musical notes as I play music live. We offer livestreaming events online that have globally reached thousands of people. Livestreaming offers a spontaneous and simultaneous group energy and momentum (and I don’t have to schlep tons of gear). You can learn more about this and the music that I offer on my website www.JimOliverMusic.com

Harmonies of Light is at:  www.JimOliverMusic.com/HarmoniesofLight

Thank you all for your contributions to the world through sound and vibrational healing.

© 2018 James Oliver

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