These days we seem to find our planet and ourselves in a difficult situation. Without judgment about why this has occurred, I’d prefer to focus on what could be done to assist this current situation.

Much of what’s going on seems to be a result of what is often called the “footprint of man”-the result of human interaction with each other and with our planet.  From this perspective, if we caused it and if we are part of the problem, then we can be part of the solution! 

Humans are an amazing species and once we become aware of something, we can often focus our attention on it and find a solution. All that may be needed is for a portion of human consciousness to awaken to the reality that there is something that needs to be fixed. The question is: “How does this happen?” How can we as a species begin to become awakened?

A number of different scientific studies have validated the effects of meditation and prayer on a planetary level, including the Global Consciousness Project, Princeton, New Jersey. Through the use of random number generators (called EGGS) spread throughout the world, researchers have found that during certain events in which large portions of the consciousness of the population are engaged, the numbers from these EGGS become less random. When this occurs, the data may be collected and the numbers charted. Anyone who has ever seen the results of this knows that it creates a wave. These waves seem to indicate that global events are measurable. It is almost as though the consciousness of the planet can be charted through these EGGs.

In order to be registered via the EGGs, these global events are not based upon excitement, such as the Super Bowl. Instead, they must effect the shared emotions of the consciousness of those involved in the event.  In particular, the emotion of compassion seems to be of primary importance with regard to this. Events of cataclysmic natures, such as an earthquake or a tsunami, can be charted.  So can positive events such as global meditations and peace prayers.

Studies on Transcendental Meditation (TM) have also shown the positive effects of meditation and prayer on global events.  In studies such as in a paper published in the Journal of Conflict Resolution, there is data to indicate that during peace meditations, violent behavior in areas where these meditations had occurred declined considerably. The power of our consciousness is astonishing.

The power of sound to enhance these activities cannot be underestimated. Sound acts as a focusing mechanism for our consciousness. This understanding is encapsulated through formulas I’ve created, which include Frequency + Intent = Healing and its corollaries Vocalization + Visualization = Manifestation and Sound + Belief = Outcome. Our intentions, visualizations, feelings, and beliefs are all able to amplify the power and effect of sound. Conversely, sound, frequencies, tones, and vocalizations are all able to boost the power and enhance the effect of our meditations and prayers.

Together, these two elements of sound and the consciousness encoded in the sound combine in a synergistic manner to create a truly potent force that can move mountains. It is no accident that most prayer on this planet is chanted aloud-the ancients knew of the ability of sacred sound to amplify and empower our prayers. We are once again beginning to rediscover this.

Numerous planetary sound healing events have taken place over the years, including World Sound Healing Day, which takes place on February 14th of each year. We are now initiating a Global Sound Healing, which will occur on September 21st of this year in conjunction with the U.N.’s International Day of Peace.  This event will take place at noon New York Time (EDT), as well as noon in your local time zone. Together we will sound the “AH”-the universal sound of love and appreciation in order to assist the creation of peace on the planet. We will first begin by spending one minute in silence at noon to honor the International Day of Peace’s moment of silence.  At 12:01 p.m. we will start the toning, until 12:05, or longer if you want.

Our intentions-our feelings, visualizations and beliefs-are encoded upon the sounds we make.  Sound has the power to focus and amplify our thoughts, prayers and meditations.  When we project the energy of love and appreciation while sounding the “AH” on September 21st, we will be able to shift and raise consciousness and awareness on a global scale.

At 12 noon on September 21st, please go to Read the protocols in silence and then enter the “AH TONING CHAMBER” and tone along with all of us throughout the earth for this Global Sound Healing event!  Temple of Sacred Sound is the world’s first interactive cyberspace sacred sound temple with extraordinary visuals as well as the beautiful sounds of the thousands of people toning together. If you’d like a special treat, plug in a pair of headphones and a microphone-it will feel like you toning in a virtual King’s Chamber or Taj Mahal.

I invite you to join us in creating a global tone of peace and harmony on this day. I also invite you to contribute your thoughts and understanding of how such events as this may assist and awaken the consciousness of sentient beings on the planet.

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