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Name: Galina Sanderson
Company/Organization: Flowing Voice
Services: Vocal Sound Healer
Address: P.O.Box 51018
City: Auckland
State: N/A
Country: New Zealand
Email/Username: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Description: Flowing Voice™ is a system of breathing, vocalisation, laughter therapy, intuitive movement, music and appreciation of nature. The application of these techniques improves the response of the endocrine system and neurological functions. The relaxation response that Flowing Voice™ creates can improve physical and mental resilience to stress, strengthen the immune system and prevent chronic disease. But perhaps most importantly Flowing Voice™ brings joy to life and the courage to express ourselves fully and clearly. Galina Sanderson’s landmark approach helps to overcome stress, anxiety and fear of uncertainty and to unleash our natural creative potential. Her solution is easy to learn and genuinely fun to practice. It is adaptable to all generations facing stress in modern life, while helping to overcome personal and global challenges. Galina has presented to banks, companies, professional conferences and private groups in the USA, UK, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Australasia. Her work inspires people to express their creative potential in any given situation. Galina’s playful style of teaching and spontaneous, empathic communication make her workshops a safe and energized space for participants. Attendees report higher productivity and an overall improved mood for months following her workshops.