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Name: Sharry Edwards
Company/Organization: Sound Heatlh Alternatives
Services: Researcher
Address: Po Box 267
City: Albany
State: Ohio
Country: United States
Phone: 740-698-9119
Fax: 740-698-6116
Email/Username: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Description: Nestled in the hills of Appalachia (Eastern United States), nearly hidden from the rest of the world, the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology and Sound Health quietly goes about changing the future; and the quality of life for those who live on this planet. This tiny non-profit research institute has provided supporting evidence for the ancient claims that the sounds of the voice can act as a holographic representation of health and wellness. As a bridge between ancient ideas of sound healing and the futuristic, Star Trek-like, protocols that the institute provides, it is now possible to reverse diseases and traumas previously thought to be incurable, to reveal the secrets of our true nature, to enhance our lives, to predict what may be our fate through the frequencies of our voice. Knowing your own voice takes on new meaning if you begin to consider the possibility that the sounds of your voice may be a holographic representation of all that you are, all that you can be. Imagine a future in which our individual vocal frequencies represent our identification; where the use of frequency based bio-markers contained within our voice can be used to keep us healthy and emotionally balanced. From birth to death, we use sounds to express our needs and emotions but there are additional layers of information hidden within our words. As man evolved, language became levels of intricate harmony nestled within structures of great elegance that carried meaning and allowed understanding of ourselves and others. The Institute of BioAcoustic Biology & Sound Health has taught us that nothing is hidden from your own voice. You may be able to lie to your friends and deceive yourself with your words but the vocal frequencies do not lie. Vocal Profiling computer software can evaluate the frequencies, architectures and harmonics of your voice. Vast frequency based data banks can now be used to create a report of what you really think, who you are emotionally and the status of your health and wellness. The frequencies missing from your voice are just as important as those that are present. An entire matrix of information, from your DNA to your partner preferences can be evaluated. The research being conducted by the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology is on the forefront of energy medicine; creating the doorway to our next dimension of health revolution. In addition, the techniques hold promise in answering questions about how our universe was formed, and how our aging and perception of time can be monitored using frequency. The Dilemma: In developing these techniques, The Institute of BioAcoustic Biology has created a dilemma. How can we take this potential to the public when we don’t have enough trained practitioners to serve the need? Do we not share this information with the public until enough people of vision will recognize the potential of this work and come forward to be a part of it? It will take vision and sacrifice and there may be a time when this technology will be challenged by those who desire to maintain the economic power of our health. However, the technique of using math as a basis of well-being may be the means of restoring our intrinsic right to self-health. Whoever controls health controls the people! Health is much more precious than wealth! If we can find a way to control our own health then we have dominion over our evolution! Join Sound Health and embrace this pioneering path to New Medicine. Sound Health has proven that your voice can be used to reveal who you really are under the layer of public personality you have created. This is an opportunity for the human race to break free of all of the deceit and deception that we live with on a daily basis.