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Name: Petra Crnetic (Blackbird)
Company/Organization: Sonic Group Ltd, Sound&Silence practice & Soundhealz app
Services: Music Therapist
Address: Gornje Prekrižje4
City: Zagreb
State: N/A
Country: Croatia
Phone: 00385 99 3148600
Email/Username: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Description: I am the creator of Sonic Pills, an advanced sound technology product based on brainwave and body entrainment. Sonic pills sound therapies use analog and digital sound frequencies to promote smart body management. They are created as a result of years of research and experience in the field of sound frequencies and its beneficial effect on human health. As a product launched in the end of 2019. it received several awards on international fares for innovation in technology; IEna 2019., Nurnberg - golden medal, SIIF Seoul 2019. - silver medal, Arca Zagreb 2020. - silver medal and IWIS Warshaw 2020. - silver medal. Soundhealz is a unique mobile application that uses a combination of ancient knowledge and modern technology in promoting sonic entrainment meditatios.