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Name: jacques houart
Company/Organization: university of coimbra
Services: Teacher
Address: Rua Dr Sousa Rosa, 27-2º
State: N/A
Country: Portugal
Phone: 919981953
Email/Username: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: http://
Description: JACQUES HOUART Anthropologist, PhD, of Belgian / Portuguese nationality Member of the ADTA – American Dance Therapy Association He has taught, since 1980, Chairs of Degree and Masters, in the Department of Anthropology, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences and at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Coimbra. He taught, among other Chairs, Anthropology of the Body, Anthropology of the Performance, Medical Anthropology Applied to Clinic and Public Health and a Seminar of Dance Anthropology. Has delivered and held Conferences, Lectures, Communications, Workshops and Training Actions on educational, communicational and therapeutic effects of dance; on body anthropology and performance anthropology in various courses (namely Masters of different areas of Health: Department of Anthropology and Faculty of Medicine at the University of Coimbra; Open University; Nursing Schools; Higher Education Schools); in Conferences and Colloquia (namely Psychoanalysis and Psychiatry); in School Institutions of different Degrees of Education; in Drug Addiction Centers, and with Diverse Professionals. Numerous interventions were accompanied by audiovisual material and analysis and demonstrations of performative and therapeutic practices live. In addition to the PhD in Anthropology, he has Formation, Studies and Practice of Field Research (Participant Observation), in "Ephemeral Tribes" from several countries in Europe, Central America and North of India on: Therapeutic Mediation and Coaching; Vibrational and Energetic Therapies; Circular Breathing and Rebirth; Stress Relaxation and Response Techniques; Ecstatic and Symbolic Dances; Dance and Expressive Movements; Healing Rhythms and Primitive Expressions; Shamanic Initiations and Therapies; Dynamic Meditation, Biodanza and Reiki. Has advanced level training: in Creative, Ecstatic and Symbolic Dances; in Ballroom Dancing (International Standard and International Latin); in Afro-Latin Dances; in Argentine Tango. He taught, for several years, Social Dances, as well as Movement and Therapy, at ANAI - National Association for Elderly Support (Coimbra). Lately he has collaborated with the IPO – Portuguese Institute of Oncology (Porto), MUTEpt – Portuguese Association of Musicotherapy and IPPC – Portuguese Institute for Body Psychotherapy (Coimbra). Since 2013, as Retired Professor, he has guided his activities to: Dance Movement Therapy Classes, Dance Classes and Workshops; Lectures and Conferences on various subjects related to his Formations; Individualized treatments, by appointment, using the techniques mentioned above. TLM: +351 919 981 953 EMail: