The Art of Sound Healing Level I w/ Irene Ingalls & Alison Laird Craig

The Art of Sound Healing Level I w/ Irene Ingalls & Alison Laird Craig

This special training with Irene Ingalls and Alison Laird Craig will introduce students to the history and science of Sound Healing, techniques for singing bowl playing, chakra toning, creating resonance with your client, understanding how specific notes and tones affect the body and spirit and how to utilize the voice and sound tools to assess physical and energetic blockages.

The Art of Sound Healing-Level 1 is an immersive workshop focusing on the fundamentals of sound as a healing modality. We’ve added an extra 5 hours of instruction to this class! Great attention is given to the power of the human voice as a healing instrument and to the beauty and simplicity of this method. Vocal exercises focus on the breath, the chakras and their corresponding sounds and simple toning as a medium for moving energy.

The power of intention is addressed through sound exercises, demonstrating how infusing love, gratitude and wisdom into a session is yet another tool for healing. Participants will learn how vibration and resonance balance and alter the brain’s waves, creating relaxation and transformation in clients.

Irene & Alison will teach about the use of crystal singing bowls and other sound healing tools in working with others. Hands on practice utilizing singing bowls around and directly on the body to shift energy blockages is an important aspect of the workshop and gives participants the opportunity to gain confidence in the work.

While not a part of the curriculum, aspects of shamanism and ceremony help create the context through which we open ourselves as vessels to assist others in their healing process.

This fun class covers the basics of sound healing and is perfect for all levels of practitioners. A wonderful class for massage therapists, acupuncturists, physicians and others wishing to incorporate sound as a healing modality into their practice or for anyone interested in the power of sound.

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Event Date 09-27-2019
Event End Date 09-29-2019
Registration Start Date 08-19-2019
Capacity 10
Available Seats 10
Cut-off Date 09-24-2019
Created By Irene Ingalls
Location Seattle Sound Temple
We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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