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The following section is an audio library of Master Classes, featuring previously unavailable teachings by pioneering Sound Healing Mentors. These classes began in the early 1980’s, and featured many pioneers in the field of sound and music healing.

The Master Classes include previously unavailable presentations by long-term supporters of SHA, including Dr. John Beaulieu, Sarah Benson, Don Campbell, Kay Gardner, Dr. Peter Guy Manners, Dr. Randall McClellan, Jonathan Goldman, and other luminaries in this field. Although many of these lectures are approximately 25 years old, they contain a wealth of information that is still ahead of its time.

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Currently available lectures include:

  • Randall McClellan, Ph.D. “The Philosophy and Basic Principles of Healing with Sound and Music”.October 1982
  • Kay Gardner “Modes, Scales and Their Affect”. December 1983
  • Sarah Benson “Toning”. February 1984
  • Dr. Peter Guy Manners, “Potential Fields (Esoteric and Natural and Their Effect on Man)”. March 1984
  • Don Campbell “New Ways of Listening; Brain, Body and Ear”. October 1984
  • Jonathan Goldman “The Harmonic Effect”. January 1985
  • Steven Halpern “A New Vision of the Healing Arts”. May 1985
  • Barbara Hero “Exploring the Lambdoma Sounds”. May 1987
  • John Beaulieu, Ph.D. “Tunings: An Experiential Journey into the Upper Overtone Series”. January 1988

New presentations will be added to this section on an ongoing basis.

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