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3 years 7 months ago #4 by soundhealersadmin
Crystal Bowl meets Tibetan Bowls was created by soundhealersadmin
Being an adventurer in sound and trusting my intuition, I often try things out to see what happens energetically.

My bowl family includes (3) 7 metal, hammered Tibetan bowls which I have used with countless clients over the years. We have had tremendous results and have played these bowls in a variety of ways. Some of those include: softly hitting with a mallet, playing with a wooden wand and striking with the side of the wand
This past year I started experimenting with crystal bowls.

Previously, my experience with crystal bowls was they encouraged folks to fly out of their bodies into the astral plane. Having had that experience myself, it was challenging to get back into my body and be fully grounded. I mean who doesn't want to fly around in a state of bliss?

The crystal bowl I was playing with in San Diego, was an "A" bowl, 14" diameter. I played it in a shop in Ocean Beach and was struck by the energy of it. I was also guided to get it.

I prefer to do my business with sound associates that I've met over the years and to support my sound family members. I ordered the same bowl and eagerly awaited it's arrival.

When it came, I played it in my healing space. I was surprised to hear my metal bowls pinging in the cabinet!

I took them out and surrounded the crystal bowl with the Tibetan bowls.

What happened next, energetically, was truly amazing. When I was continuously playing the crystal bowl and the energy of the 3rd eye was expanding, I was astonished when I struck the Tibetan bowl ("C") with the mallet at the same time.

There was an immediate 'grounding' sensation of the energy in the body while the 3rd eye activation was in the higher planes.

I've continued to play with the crystal bowl and other Tibetan bowls to see what differences I am noting energetically that are occurring while combing the two types of bowls.

If you have a majority of crystal bowls, I invite you to include a Tibetan bowl in their midst. And if you are a person who has a majority of Tibetan bowls, I invite you to include a crystal bowl in their midst.

You might just be as surprised at the energetics of the combination as I was. If so, please let me know in this forum.

Thank you.
An adventurer in sound,

Nasiri Suzan

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