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Is anybody out there? & Exciting new product

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1 year 8 months ago #23 by connect@yourwholevoice.com
Is anybody out there? & Exciting new product was created by connect@yourwholevoice.com
Hi there

Although not new to sound healing I am new here. Hoping to find a community.

I'm Judith - my business is Your Whole Voice and I'm based in the UK - although I have a vision of Sound Around The World and I have run sound circles in Europe, Canada, Atlanta and am hoping to do so in NZ and LA in Feb/March next year ... if anyone wants me to visit them on my travels and bring my Sound Circle Meditation with me I'd be delighted.

I discovered sounding through an Alternatives event in the UK in 2008 and then through attending the 12 Alchemy of Voice workshops by Stewart Pearce back in 2011. I started using voice-vibration sound to enhance my massage and earth-light reiki sessions and Stewart also asked me to support facilitate the next batch of workshops.

In that time I went on someone else's meditation retreat in Egypt. It was there that I first led a group in sounding and really working with sound as a healing method - combined with helping people to find their true, whole, voice for public speaking and self-expression of all kinds.

That was 8 years ago ... here I am now with my whole life coaching and sound healing business helping people express themselves with clarity, confidence & conviction.... AND

I've just released my own deck of sound healing oracle/inspiration cards ... SO EXCITED I wanted to share with those who'd get it.

I'll be submitting an article here and hopefully blog too if I can figure out how.

Blessings to you

Judith Q

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