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11 months 2 weeks ago #25 by avigail@vibro-therapy.com
HOW TO BALANCE BODYMIND? was created by avigail@vibro-therapy.com
Body Mind balance is the ability to attune, adjust, align, calibrate and harmonize your vitality in an optimized way.

This is a dynamic process in which you reduce mental, emotional and physical stress daily, reduce pain, insomnia and anxiety and use your energies not only to survive but to thrive.
In order to do so you need to boost the bond between wellness-health-wellbeing, be compassionate, creative, improve performance and manifest the best in you to DRIVE LIFE AND ENJOY THE JOURNEY.

The easiest, most effective and effortless way to achieve the above daily, is by having a sound bath with sonic harmonic inner body massage.

You simply lie on UnWinMe mat, or hug our special HugMePillow , choose a single frequency from our app and… let go….

The process is very soothing while harmonic sound waves hug and rinse you from within as you sink into serenity.

After 23 minutes of resetting, rebooting and recharging vitality, you calm body, clear mind and restart your activities with a better mood and a smile on your face. www.vibro-therapy.com

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