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Master Zhang's Insights into the Difficult Times of COVID-19 (Interview)

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Master Zhang's Insights into the Difficult Times of COVID-19

1. COVID-19 has fundamentally shifted the world and people's approach to living – how do you think coronavirus will change people's overall approach to their health?

The coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed the awareness of all humans. Medical treatment doesn't affect the spread of the virus; the only way to prevent COVID-19 from spreading and to eventually control it will be for individuals to make healthy lifestyle choices every day. If people don't do this, then coronavirus will be an ongoing threat.

2. You're not only a 13th generation Taiyi Master with decades of experience in energy healing, acupuncture, and martial arts; you're also a practitioner who uses innovative methods to heal. How do you see the practice of energy healing evolving in the future?

I believe that future medical science will highlight non-contact diagnosis and treatment – including online treatment – and natural therapy models of treatment. The reason for this shift will be a result of the rise of asymptomatic infections around the world. These infections and diseases may be healed, but leave people with new 'pre-existing' medical conditions that open them to virus recurrence.

It is also worth noting that cases of chronic diseases are the highest they have ever been globally – and those with chronic illness are the most susceptible to virus transmission, along with their family members.

3. What is something that most people underestimate when it comes to their own health care?

Exercise – or more accurately, epidemic prevention exercises. When most people think of exercise, they think of a gym or physical exercise of some sort. Few will consider internal exercise, which is exercise that influences the body's organs and promotes a healthy balance and keeping meridians unblocked. Internal exercises are important: they can improve the body's immunity and even eliminate chronic disease.

4. What would you say is the biggest threat to human health today?

Not being actively conscious of their health. By this, I mean that many people are reactive with their health. They will live a normal life and go to see a doctor once they are sick. It would be better for people to be more proactive with the health by staying alert, paying attention to preventive health measures, and addressing small issues rather than a 'wait and see' approach.

5. Is there any way that we can deal with the coronavirus threat so that we are protected in the future?

The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine, the foundation guide behind all Chinese healing arts for over 2,000 years, says this: 正气内存,邪不干 (When true qi exists, unhealthy influences that cause disease do not interfere).

Translated into the western medical perspective, this simply means that if your immune system is working, you will not get infected.

6. As a result of COVID-19, many healthcare professionals are now placing more focus on disease prevention. What do you think about this?

In short, better late than never. I believe this should have been a focus for healthcare professionals before. This isn't a concept, it's a simple reality, or 'practicing what you preach'. The key to success with disease prevention is education. Once people have experienced this kind of healing, they understand that it works.

In Chinese, we have a term, 亚健康, which translates roughly to 'sub-healthy'. In the west, a doctor may examine a sub-healthy person and see someone with no health issues. However, sub-healthy people do have imbalances in their body and organs, which must be treated so that the balances are restored, and the person is healthy once again.

7. There are many terms – energy and qi, for example – that get interpreted and understood differently. This can create debate and even confusion that leaves people doubtful if it works. How would you best describe this for people who aren't familiar with the qi-based Chinese medicine system?

It is simple: without energy, the earth would not exist. Without qi, you would not be alive. Everything in your body – from its strength to your wisdom, from your energy level to your breathing – is intricately connected to your qi. Your emotions, too; if you often experience negative emotions, such as anger or resentment, that is qi.

There is also true qi, yang qi, yin qi, illness qi… while many may know about just qi, they may not realize that there are subtle variations and abnormalities that can affect our health and happiness. The work of an energy healer or a qi healer is simple; to focus on an individual's qi, identify issues, and work to change that qi back to normal by eliminating imbalances and treating illness qi.

8. Your current focus is online healing using energy waves that heal imbalances. What kind of person does this work best for, and how might they maximize the healing power of those energies in their daily life?

Online treatment is the safest healing method in a world where epidemic prevention and control is important. For people seeking to maximize the healing powers of this energy, they must first improve their immunity and maintain a healthy detoxification function; this fundamental step will help them to survive this epidemic alone.

Beyond this, keeping their body in balance through the healing power of energy waves is vital. In the west, people tend to think of energy waves in scientific terms rather than medical: light waves, electromagnetic waves, infrared waves, low-frequency sound waves, ultrasonic sound waves, and so on and so forth.

Each of these waves oscillates, or vibrates, generating unique energy. We may not be able to see these waves, but they are the primary way to spread information and energy. Not just on earth, but in the wider universe, too!

With energy healing, all that is needed is to watch the video; place the screen in front of your body to get the most benefit no matter where you might be. It is also recommended to use bone-conduction headsets, as these press on an acupoint known as the ting gong (small intestine meridian).

The Taiyi Institute is also preparing to release a smart acupuncture device soon. This device will help you to heal while living and vice-versa. In the evening, for example, you might use it on your feet for a vibrational energy massage that interacts with blockages on the main meridians on your feet; the healing energy wave would then travel through that meridian line to reach your heart and kidney. Effectively, you're keeping these lines clean and unblocked, allowing your qi to flow smoothly. In turn, your organs are regulated and kept in harmonious balance.

This device can also be used anywhere. Tired at work? Use the light wave video to remove excess moisture from your body. You can use this on your belly button as you cook to regulate your organs. There are countless examples of use, and none of them complex.

Energy waves are not just natural and environmentally friendly, they are also highly effective and reproducible. By using specific vibrational frequencies, humans can 're-tune' their body, mind, and life energy fields.

9. If you could change people's perception of energy healing over the next 10 years, what would you want them to understand?

I believe a significant shift in understanding is already taking place, and that this understanding is changing quicker than anyone realizes. Of course, everyone has their own view on the western approach of prescription medication and surgery. Still, increasingly, many are turning to natural remedies and treatments in their quest for health.

Much of this change in understanding is arising as a result of experiencing the effects of 'alternative' treatment. For myself, after thirty years of research, I am very confident that natural remedies can be used to eliminate many chronic diseases.

As more people explore natural treatments, so more people will understand that what western medicine may consider incurable is, in fact, treatable, but also reversible. For someone suffering needlessly, this energy healing can be a transformative life experience in every sense of the word.


Article source: www.taiyi-institute.com/journal/master-z...lt-times-of-covid-19

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