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Is this an Association? Where is the interaction?

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8 months 1 week ago - 8 months 1 week ago #28 by connect@yourwholevoice.com
Is this an Association? Where is the interaction? was created by connect@yourwholevoice.com
I joined for two main reasons

1. Jonathon's name - I thought he might be an active presence and share topics/events/interviews etc in here, maybe connect once in a while with the members - but it's not just no Jonathon there doesn't seem to be much 'leadership team' interaction.

2. To connect with other sound healers around the world so that we can get to know each other, find out what's out there, support each other through the challenging stuff, share what's going on - but nope.

Is this an 'Association'?
I thought there might be regular online members' meetings - is this something that has been thought of? At the moment I don't feel like i'm a member of an association - just that I'm paying to have a logo I can put on my website.

'leadership' interaction.
Email contact is sporadic - and not always obviously from SHA - the last few have come up in my inbox as Nasiri Suzan. Sound ...... if I wasn't a little curious I would have assumed it was spam.

The wording of the recent email says a lot "Join Sound Healers Association Founder & Director, Jonathan Goldman in a rare discussion" .... if he's now a figurehead rather than an active director - so interaction is rare - who is the person who brings us together? Who holds the vision? What is the vision?

I guess I'd like to know why I should stay after this year. I feel like 'for the logo' isn't enough - it doesn't feel like that has integrity. I'd like being a member to mean something.
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