The Sound Healers Association was founded in 1982 as an organization dedicated to the research and awareness of the uses of sound and music as therapeutic and transformational modalities. The work that began in the pioneering meetings described below continues to expand today.


  1. To research and explore the uses of sound and music for well-being, to share and promote awareness of this knowledge and to network internationally those active in such work for the betterment of all.
  2. To promote the education and awareness of the therapeutic and transformative uses of sound and music, including dissemination of information and activities such as music and toning groups in hospitals, hospices, holistic centers and schools.
  3. To research and investigate various techniques of sound and music for well-being and to objectively study the effects of sound and music on the whole being.
  4. To network people involved in the area of sound, music and the health profession, including an International Directory of SHA members and their skills, a newsletter featuring articles and announcements of workshops and concerts related to sound, music and well-being, and the establishment of other groups of similar nature and national conferences.
  5. To features guest lecturers who will speak on their area of expertise and to sponsor lecturers, workshops and concerts.
  6.  To establish a meeting place where people may share and explore interests and experiences in the uses of sound and music for well-being.
  7. To establish a library of printed and recorded material pertinent to the uses of sound and music for well-being.
  8. To work with the energies of sound, music and health without preference to any spiritual, religious or esoteric path or any preconceived system so that true knowledge may unfold.
  9.  To establish Sound Centers where professionals can teach, research, network, practice and share their knowledge and information of sound as a therapeutic and transformational modality with each other and with the public.