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Kia ora sound family! Hello from New Zealand

What will it take to be a contribution to credible research on vibrational healing that will bring about a revolutionary awareness of health and wellbeing?

Like many here, I work intuitively with sound and it's an ongoing journey as I become aware of more and more information. My conscious relationship with sound started with an awakening of my voice in 2012 and since then went on fun adventures exploring the many different applications of sound - through voice, crystal bowls, tuning forks and so on. I was exploring energy healing before that so was able to blend sound into my sessions and create new group experiences e.g. sound baths.

Both one to ones and group sessions are creating some interesting results for people. <em>'frequency + intention</em>' was the formula that was given to me in my early years of awakening. Both parts I have been playing with more consciously in the past few years.

Frequency: Energy healing, self-created sounds, crystal bowls, light-language, crystal pyramids, chimes, harp, etc

Intention: With the intention part it has been '<em>for the highest and greatest good'</em> for that person. I've played with '<em>wellness</em>' and other obvious intentions e.g. peace, love, and now I am using '<em>contribution</em>' as my intention which seems to sit well with me. As clients come and go, the 'results' seem to be never how we think it's going to show up, or when it shows up as I now see that there can be so many factors to take into consideration. One glaring factor I have found - is the client actually wanting to BE well.

<strong>What's being created and generated?</strong>
So what's been happening in my sessions? Well phenomenal changes and interesting experiences, but I not sure if one can measure it? So perhaps it can feed into some interesting case studies and research someone out there is doing? For me I'm not really wired that way to do 'proper' research. But I will share some examples to see if someone out there will know what to do with it.

- Tuning forks: I have used tuning forks in the energy field for a client who had hip problems and did not want to go for a hip replacement surgery. After the 1st session, he reported that he had the best sleep ever and was not woken up during the night with pain. He was also take his dog for a walk which he has not been able to do for months. He came to me every week for about 8 weeks and was able to walk and do more around the home and did not require to go for surgery.

- Sound baths: a lady who came to my sound bath and had sciatica and I did not know this until after the event, she went to brace herself to get up off the floor. She was able to get up and walk to her car with ease. no pain

- Sound baths: 2 different people reported (at separate sessions) that their arm started levitating on their own accord during section where I played plastic egg shakers. That's just interesting! LOL

- Voice: A client said they experienced relief from a shoulder pain after I made a tone projected at their body with my voice

- Self created sound: A lady who came to me was diagnosed with MS and wearing leg braces was looking for a like minded group and came to my vocal toning sessions. She was not (consciously) intending to be better or expect to be healed, but just to connect in with a group. After about the 5th week of toning, a dramatic change happened for her. We were intoning the vowels O-I-A (Sophia) and she came to me the next day looking very vibrant and more present and she declared that she no longer has MS symptoms and this vibrancy lasted for quite some months.

How does it get any better than that?

So whilst I can record before and after information for one to one clients, in the group sessions it's not practical for me to do that. And I only get to hear about them if they choose to tell me.

So, if anyone is out there who is into the research-y part of sound, I'll be up for being the person carrying out the case studies!

Current thoughts I have so far on what seems to play a factor in the healing (which is really an expansion of the frequency + intention formula) is:
- The intention needs to include both the gifter and receiver of the sound
- Choice plays a bit part - the client has to choose to want to be well
- Allowance - being in allowance of each others choices; where the recipient is at and how the practitioner 'delivers the session'
- Perhaps the belief systems of the practitioner and the recipient needs to resonates in some way. There is a preference of belief systems.
- The sound of choice has to resonate
- Being or doing sound? Especially with self created sound. Does being the energy, space and consciousness of no judgement create a difference?

That's all for now. So I'd love to hear what other people are finding and of course if you are doing some more 'scientific' research yourself.

What will sharing this information create for us all?

with gratitude
Yee Ley
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Hi Yee Ley,
Thanks for writing this insightful and stimulating article. I'd like to put it in the blog as well. Are you okay with that? Please let me know?

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Replied by on topic Research - to measure or not measure?
Hi Nasiri!
Thanks for replying and yes sure you can put it in the blog. Just noticed some typos re-reading it!...I'll see if I can edit it :)

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