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Recently I attended the Trinidad Blues Festival in Colorado. While there I had a chance to check out the local vendors and some of the booths they had set up at the festival.

One of them was this gentleman who made wooden washboards. Hopefully you know what I'm talking about? The ones I'd seen before were usually made out of metal and folks used a spoon or something to make the sound on it. These were beautifully hand crafted out of different kinds of wood. They were played with bamboo spoons.

Well, I couldn't resist after putting one on. It hung by a strap around my neck. The one I got came down to just below my waist. The craftsman was happy to autograph it for me on the back and wished me fun in playing it.

We were both thinking as a musical instrument. When I got home, I started playing around with it to see what it would do sound-wise and energetically. I was thinking how could I use this with a client and for what treatment. Besides being a Total Blast and FUN, when I took it off I noticed that everywhere it touched my body was tingling and vibrating. Energized!!

I realized that the sound and vibration was releasing stagnation where ever it was laying on my body while I was playing it.

Next, I'll be using it on spots where I have pain to see how it works with that.

Have you used something unusual for sound healing? Please share.
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